SOLU Shampoo


Cleansing shampoo to rid of build up

Shampoo formulated to remove the residue of styling products or before a perm service. The rich and airy foam leaves the hair extremely clean.

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Introducing SOLU Shampoo from Davines, the ultimate solution for those seeking a deep cleanse without compromising on natural integrity. Designed for all hair types, this clarifying shampoo is a celebration of purity and sustainability, offering a refreshing wash that removes impurities and buildup, leaving hair incredibly clean, vibrant, and ready to breathe.

At the core of SOLU Shampoo is a blend of naturally derived ingredients, thoughtfully selected for their cleansing and rejuvenating properties. Key among these is a special surfactant from buckwheat, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring not just a thorough cleanse but also nourishing the hair and scalp with every wash. This innovative formula effectively eliminates residue from styling products, pollution, and the rigors of daily life, resetting your hair to its natural state of balance and beauty.

The gentle yet powerful action of SOLU Shampoo respects the natural equilibrium of your scalp, avoiding the stripping of essential moisture. It’s a perfect choice for those who frequently use styling products or feel their hair has become dull and weighed down over time.

SOLU Shampoo embodies Davines’ commitment to sustainability, from its carefully sourced ingredients to its eco-friendly packaging. By choosing SOLU, you’re not just giving your hair a fresh start; you’re also making a choice that supports the environment. Experience the clarity and freshness that only nature can provide with SOLU Shampoo, and let your hair truly shine.


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