OI Oil

Anti frizz oil for dry hair

Multi-function oil, adds shine and softness to hair while also detangling and fighting frizz, working especially well on coarse or dry hair. The hair structure is left protected, without weighing it down.

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Introducing OI Oil by Davines, a divine elixir crafted for enthusiasts of natural and organic haircare seeking to elevate their hair to new heights of radiance and vitality. This luxurious oil treatment is a testament to the power of nature, meticulously formulated to nourish, hydrate, and protect all hair types with an unparalleled blend of organic ingredients.

Enriched with Roucou oil, extracted from the seeds of the Amazonian annatto plant, OI Oil boasts remarkable antioxidant properties that shield hair from environmental stressors while promoting healthy growth and vibrant shine. This lightweight yet potent formula penetrates deep into the hair fiber, delivering essential nutrients and moisture without weighing it down, leaving your locks silky-smooth and irresistibly touchable.

More than just a hair treatment, OI Oil is a holistic experience that embodies Davines’ commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Its biodegradable formulation and eco-friendly packaging reflect a dedication to preserving the beauty of both hair and the planet. Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial additives, OI Oil offers a pure, indulgent haircare ritual that nourishes not only your hair but also your soul.

Transform your haircare routine with OI Oil by Davines, and discover the transformative power of nature’s bounty in achieving hair that radiates health, vitality, and natural beauty.


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