MOMO Conditioner


Lightweight Moisturizing Conditioner

Conditioner for dry or dehydrated hair. Its moisturizing formula is designed to untangle the hair, hydrating it and leaving it soft and silky.

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Immerse yourself in the deeply hydrating world of MOMO Conditioner from Davines, a sanctuary for those who cherish natural and organic hair care. This expertly formulated conditioner is a beacon of moisture for dry, dehydrated hair, offering a thirst-quenching solution that revitalizes and restores your locks to their natural beauty. Perfect for all hair types seeking a surge of hydration, MOMO Conditioner is the epitome of nourishment and care in the realm of eco-conscious haircare.

Crafted with Cartucciaru Melon extract from Paceco, Sicily, this conditioner boasts a high concentration of water, vitamins, and mineral salts, delivering unmatched hydration and a long-lasting conditioning effect. The natural goodness of MOMO Conditioner deeply penetrates the hair fiber, detangling and softening your hair without weighing it down, leaving it silky, shiny, and full of life.

Embodying Davines’ commitment to sustainability, MOMO Conditioner is enriched with ingredients sourced from slow food presidia, supporting biodiversity and local farming. Its formulation is free from parabens and artificial colors, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to purity, efficacy, and respect for the environment.

Let MOMO Conditioner transform your hair care routine into a luxurious, environmentally friendly experience. Rediscover the joy of supple, healthy-looking hair that radiates with natural beauty, and join the movement towards a more sustainable, conscientious approach to beauty.


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