MELU Conditioner


Anti-breakage Conditioner

Conditioner for long or damaged hair. The conditioning action moisturizes the hair, nourishes the ends and prevents their breakage. The light formula makes the hair smooth and soft without weighing it down.

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Davines MELU Conditioner is a harmonious blend of nature’s finest ingredients, designed for those who align their beauty routine with eco-conscious, organic haircare. This luxurious conditioner is specifically formulated to address the needs of long or damaged hair, providing strength, nourishment, and elasticity to prevent breakage and ensure healthy growth.

Infused with lentil seeds from Villalba, Italy, MELU Conditioner is rich in serine and glutamic acid, two vital amino acids that reinforce hair fibers and protect your hair from the stress of brushing and styling. This natural powerhouse is the secret to achieving soft, smooth, and resilient locks, offering a shield against damage while enhancing manageability and shine.

MELU Conditioner embodies Davines’ commitment to sustainable beauty practices. It’s crafted with ingredients sourced from slow food presidia, supporting local farmers and biodiversity. The formula is meticulously free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors, ensuring that your haircare regimen is as pure as it is effective.

Embrace the essence of Italian beauty and sustainability with MELU Conditioner. It’s not just a conditioner; it’s an investment in the future of your hair and the planet, promising a transformation that’s visibly strong, naturally beautiful, and ethically produced.


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