DEDE Shampoo Bar


Hydrating Shampoo for Dry and Dehydrated Hair

Solid shampoo bar for gentle daily cleansing for all hair types. A solid texture that develops into a rich creamy foam during application to give softness, shine and silky texture.

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Introducing the DEDE Shampoo Bar by Davines, a revolutionary approach to natural and organic haircare. This solid shampoo bar is a testament to Davines’ commitment to sustainability and the environment, offering a zero-waste alternative to traditional hair cleansing products. Perfect for those who cherish the health of their hair and the planet, the DEDE Shampoo Bar provides a gentle, nourishing cleanse suitable for all hair types.

Formulated with red celery extract from Orbassano, rich in minerals and a significant source of antioxidants, this shampoo bar revitalizes your hair without stripping away natural oils. Its unique composition ensures that your hair remains hydrated, balanced, and beautifully soft, with every wash.

The DEDE Shampoo Bar is not only kind to your hair but also to the Earth. Its packaging is fully biodegradable, reducing plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable beauty routine. Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors, it aligns with a holistic approach to health and beauty, ensuring that your haircare routine is as clean and green as possible.

Embrace the DEDE Shampoo Bar for a practical, eco-friendly haircare solution that delivers quality, performance, and sustainability in one. Join Davines in their mission to nurture beauty and biodiversity with every wash.


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