Pura Luxe Non-Toxic Smoothing System

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pura luxe non toxic smoothing

What is Pura Luxe?

Pura Luxe offers a safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional hair smoothing treatments like Keratin or Brazilian Blowouts. It is free from formaldehyde and relies on eight natural amino acids. These amino acids strengthen and relax curls, leaving hair straight, soft, and shiny.

What does Pura Luxe do?

Learn about Pura Luxe, designed to suit the specific needs of your hair. It smooths various hair types, from wavy to kinky, and leaves them soft and shiny for up to six months. Pura Luxe provides adaptable solutions for diverse hair care requirements.

With Pura Luxe, you can enjoy flexibility in your styling choices. Our specialized formula supports your hair’s natural waves and body if you air-dry, or helps it become sleek, soft, and straight when you use heat.

What if you want to keep your curls?

The best part is that Pura Luxe is customizable; it can be formulated to preserve your curls while reducing frizz.

What are the rules?

Well, there really aren’t any.

wash the same day

Color the same day

highlight the same day

lasts 5-6 months

Who am I?

Hi I’m Royi, celebrity stylist from Los Angeles. I have 20 years of experience as a stylist at Piny Salon in Beverly Hills, specializing in non-toxic smoothing treatments, sew-in hair extensions, and custom hair replacement solutions like wigs and toppers. I founded 818 Salon with my wife and partner Natasha; who’s as fabulous a hairstylist as she is beautiful. Together, we are committed to offering top-quality hair services and products that preserve and enhance our clients’ hair health.

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